Say goodbye to the quick-fix diets and start experiencing an active, healthy lifestyle with our medically-based weight loss program.

Aside from causing emotional discomfort and creating a number of physical challenges, being overweight can lead to a multitude of additional health problems such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer, and sleep disorders. The most effective way to reduce these health risks is to reduce your overall weight.

Clinical Weight Management is a long-term weight loss program proven to be the healthiest way to lose weight. Because this program is a complete lifestyle transformation that educates you on weight management, you will be more likely to incorporate healthy eating habits and proper exercise. Furthermore, you will be less likely to gain back the weight once you have completed the program, making our treatment not only healthy, but effective.

Our Clinical Weight Management program is a physician-directed weight loss process, medically proven to help you lose and maintain your weight over time by using Optifast or Ideal Protein. Clinical Weight Management at Body Medica is proven to help people achieve long-term weight loss and is professionally supported with counseling, weight management education, and portioned meal replacements. You’ll love the results you see with our program!

Additional services include:

  • idealproteinIndividual nutrition consultation
  • Metabolic assessments
  • Body composition
  • Individualized diet based on your genetics

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